About Us

    ‘It is on the sound education of the people that the security and destiny of the nation chiefly rests’
    – Louis Kossuth.

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    Educational institutions today, mushrooming in every nook and corner, assure the public to offer top class education that guarantees better career to its students. The only aim of the Education they promise is employment. Like any other corporate company the educational institutions too come out with dashing advertisements to attract students and assure immediate placements. How ever the basic motto of education –to transform a pupil into a human person who is firmly rooted in cultural and religious values and possesses high degree of human qualities– is forgotten as a thing of the past. As a result the security and destiny of the nation is jeopardized. ,MORE
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    We need a type of Education that not only assures placements but also makes a student fully committed to root out the maladies of the society. It should help a student to behave responsibly and work for the wellbeing of all. It should widen the mental horizon of the students  and at the same time provide  scope  for realization of once potential to maximum. With such objectives in mind and all-round development of the human person as its vision, the Nithya Sahaya Matha High School was founded. 
    The school, initially catered to the literacy needs neighbouring children who would not go to school due to various reasons and particularly girls who are denied of higher education. This high school provided a great relief then to the villagers. Gradually the school gained popularity due its performance at the academic as well as co-curricular activities.  
    Nithya Sahaya Mata High School now is an institution that is contemporary and progressive in thought and action which represents an evolution of excellence in the field of education. It is committed to provide its students with a host of opportunities to pursue academic and personal excellence. Our empowered staff diligently engage themselves in continuous optimization of both teaching and learning methods, thereby, preparing their students to think creatively and cultivate a research culture.  
    The school is highly acclaimed for the quality of its academic process, learning practices and its endeavours to achieve excellence in holistic learning.