Just imagine what our world would be like without computers! It’s a fact that a solid Computer Education is essential in today’s modern world. A Computer Education helps to prepare a child to perform at their peak, as nearly every aspect of commerce and business now rely heavily computers. Computer Education Schools can provide knowledge that is vital to conducting Education, or just functioning day-to-day in our modern society.

In the global world, computer education has become very important. It is necessary that the students should be provided with computer education right from the schools.We have Computor as a subject in our school, It is therefore necessary for   school to have a school computer laboratory


Library is dire need of an educational institution. You will find books in a library in almost all topics, be it history, geography, or even science fiction a library has it all.   Libraries are as the shrine where all the relics of the ancient saints, full of true virtue, and that without delusion or imposture, are preserved and reposed- Bacon. A library is like the whole world encompassed in one room. Without a library a school will not be complete. It is very essential to the education and school system. Any problem you have any query unanswered you will find it in one of the books stored in the library. A school library is a library within a school where our students, staff, and often, parents of  school have access to a variety of resources.



It has been estimated that children today spend fifty percent less time outside than children twenty years ago. In a way, this isn’t surprising, given the attraction of the Internet and videogames for entertainment.

But we can’t blame the videogame industry entirely for this one–the fault lies with schools as well. Between a drive to increase standardized test scores and a fear of lawsuits (imagine a playground with a “No Running” sign), schools are beginning to limit physical education.

Some elementary school children are no longer getting recess at all.