Rules and Regulations


  •  The classes for U.K.G. and Primary Section will be conducted in two sessions as follows : Morning Session 9-30 A.M. to 12-20 P.M. Afternoon Session 1-15 P.M. to 4-00 P.M. Pupils are expected to be in the school at 9-00 a.m. and 12-45 p.m. for the respective sessions.The classes for L.K.G. will be conducted from 9-30 A.M. to 12-15 P.M. Pupils are expected to be in the school by 9-00 A.M.NOTE : On Saturdays, the classes will be conducted in the morning session only from 9-20 A.M. to 12-45 P.M.
  • First term black rainy sandals. Second term white socks, shoes on Monday and Brown socks, shoes on rest of the day.
  • The Official Language of the school is ENGLISH. All the students must speak in ENGLISH.
  • All the students should be present in the school before 9-10 a.m.
  • Pupils who come to school before the studytime, should sit in their respective classes and use the time for Personal Study in Silence.
  • No student should loiter about during the study period.
  • On the teacher’s arrival in the class room, the pupils must rise and remain standing till they have wished the teacher and take their seats. When attendance roll is called each one must rise and respond.
  • Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon Application for leave of absence should be submitted in case of absence. The parents may note that atleast 80% attendance is required for promotion.
  • Every student should bring her/his school calendar to the school daily.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school campus without the written permission of the principal in the leave letter.
  • No student or Staff member will be called to the phone during school hours. In case of Urgent message received on the phone will be conveyed to the concerned.
  • The boys should be with neat hair cut and girls should tie the hair with black ribbons compulsorily.
  • Visitors / Parents are strictly forbidden to enter the classrooms or corridors during school hours.
  • Children are advised not to wear golden bangles and the like or bring any valuable things to the school.
  • No student is allowed to speak loudly on the verandah.
  • Students should not throw papers, leaves etc., any where in the school permises. They should use the dustbins provided.
  • Students should not run/go in-groups on the verandah.
  • When a pupil has been absent from school without leave fqr some unforeseen reason such as illness he/she must on returning to the school, bring a leave note from his/her parents or guardian. Pupil suffering from contageous infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Irregular attendance, insubordination to teacher, habitual negligence of school work, obscinity in word or act are sufficient reasons for the temporary or permanent dismissal of the pupil. Minor offences

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    such as coming late to class not doing the home work, are punishable by fine.

  • Progress records will be issued after the tests and midsession examination. They shall be returned to the class teacher duly signed,by the parent or guardian within 3 days of the issue.
  • Pupil should wear the prescribed school uniform on all days. Pupil who do not come to school in the prescribed uniform will be sent home.
  • Books, Magazines, Newspaper etc., which are not approved by the Headmaster should not be brought to the school.
  • Books, Umbrellas etc., should have the name of candidate or mark by which the owner can be easily identified. The unclaimed property should be brought to the office.
  • The school is not responsible if the students lose their books,money, clothes etc., in the school premises. Students themselves must take care of their things.
  • The student should behave in a refined manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should always greet their teachers, elders, friends in a pleasant and audible tone of voice wherever they meet them in school and outside.
  • Jumping over the compound wall, scribbling on the walls, desks and books is strictiiy forbidden. Repected offences will be met by fine.
  • Pupils who are responsible for damages to the school property shall pay for the damages